is it hard 2 learn guitar?

Thread: is it hard 2 learn guitar?

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  1. Daniel Terragar's Avatar

    Daniel Terragar said:


    As long as you practice daily, and enjoy it you should be fine.
  2. instantstar111 said:


    i've been playing guitar for a while, it's not that hard to learn...(:
  3. ZZRocker said:

    Default Look at these video lessons

    Here is some nice free beginner video lessons The site is still under development.
  4. LyricsAngel's Avatar

    LyricsAngel said:


    I play an acoustic guitar and it's not hard at all. But I play by ear, I didn't have any lessons
  5. stevec71 said:


    There are loads or ways to learn guitar, normal lessons (this gets expensive) look on youtube (but its hard to suss where to start) or you can get a proper online course for very little spend (about the equivalent to the spend of one lesson with a real tutor)

    Loads of tips and videos on here
  6. fender4string said:


    Here's my advice to you.

    Learn some basic theory. You should at least know the major, minor, pentatonic, and blues scales.

    Set up a practice routine. Work on things like dexterity, finger speed, fretboard knowledge (practicing scales, arpeggios, chords, etc.). Practice, don't jam.

    Jam, don't practice (doing both can help you a lot).

    Learn other people's songs. Learning by ear can help you with your fretboard knowledge whereas only learning with tabs can hinder you.

    Write your own stuff. Even if it's not so great at first it will help you with song structure and will be the building blocks of better material down the road.

    Finally, learn different styles. Don't limit yourself to one genre. You'll appreciate being able to be versatile as you get better and better. Being stuck in a rut due to lack of musical exposure sucks. Trust me .

    Good luck man and stick with it!