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    this was somthing I had to post. it's not a rhyme, but it is me choice of words on how I see things.

    This poem was beautifully written, inspiring and nobody could have done it better.
    Eminem is the hardest heated person who has been through struggles we all can relate to.
    If you can't relate,You must not be human. Humanity and it's way of life are dead as we know it.
    Wars are in progress people are still raciest and color is still the foundation of the governments methods,
    They classify us as a color when we are all simply human, We need to embrace one anther but instead we live different lifestyles.
    You and I are not so different. We all breath, sweat, bleed and die the same.
    We may not speak the same, or look the same, but Our blood is buried deep in the history of humanity’s existence.
    Our DNA goes far beyond just Black and white. Asian,Hispanic,Jewish, middle eastern, etc. etc.
    But there is one that we all have forgotten. Native Americans!!
    If you were to trace your blood line back to the 1600's you will see almost all features today come
    from all types of people and are deeply embedded with in us.
    But no matter how hard we try to coexist together as one, We still walk around as a color.
    Why can't we all be blind? Then our differences would not be compromised.
    As for me I am blind but I see clearly. I just wish the rest of the world could do the same.
    Thank you Eminem for your words of wisdom, Courage, And for showing us your hearts true form.
    You truly are my inspiration to live my dream.
    My name Is Jason Cohoon. AKA Sk'n Deep
    Thank you.
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    Peace Love Empathy

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    Peace Love Empathy