SOLVED: Need Helppppp with 80s Prog/Rock song Identification.

Thread: SOLVED: Need Helppppp with 80s Prog/Rock song Identification.

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  1. JustDave said:

    Default SOLVED: Need Helppppp with 80s Prog/Rock song Identification.

    I've renamed this thread in hopes of getting more people who listen to this type of music to view it. Below are previous posts:

    I've been trying to locate the artist and/or song title since the early 80s. I recorded this off of college public radio station KUNI (University of Northern Iowa station) and havent been able to find anyone who can tell me who this artist is. I even located one of the former DJ's who worked there during the time this was recorded but he hasnt been able to ID the song either. Any help woudl be appreciated. I also have a 2nd song that I will post later. Thanks again in advance.

    The only tip I can give is it sounds like he keeps saying "Elephant Head" every so often in the song. Other possible words are "Ive never forgotten to be stupid...elephant head, my memory will last a thousand years...elephant one plans revenge like a &%$^ elephant head" Bizarre I know but thats what it sounds like to me. Here is link

    Reply from SIMNIA:

    Some more lyrics sound like "be the memory of a mother f*cking ?longhair", and "sniveling, snapping ?fat between my ears". It does sound like "elephant head", which fits with the reference to a long memory.

    Interesting. I'm fairly familiar with progressive rock, but that song and group are really unfamiliar to me. The closest group I can think of is the B-52s, which has a similar male vocalist who sings novelty songs like that, like "Rock Lobster", but it would have to be a group that wouldn't be afraid of singing explicit lyrics, which I don't think fits the B-52s.

    Reply from JustDave:

    Yes I thought maybe other lyrics were "snivelinig snapping back between my ears". I can certainly see a similarity to the male B-52's voice but I agree with you in that it really doesnt seem like they type of lyrics they would write and guitars sound a little too "edgy" for them. Well thanks for listening and if ya have any friends who may be able to help, please let them hear it too. **I may change title of the post such as 80s prog rock help or something like that so maybe I will get more viewers to check it out.
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    Mixalopoulos said:


    Hi, I wouldn't call this Prog/Rock, it's more like new wave/psychobilly/punk, if there is such a genre.

    Anyway, I found this but I can't find a sample of the track listed as A1
    Ρεμπέτικο για πάντα. Μάγκες είμαστε.
  3. JustDave said:

    Default 80s new wave, punk song. Need Identified.

    Hmmmm yea I was thinking that as well(maybe not considered prog/rock). new wave, punkish I guess. Anyway thanks for the posting but it shows that Glee Club-Looking was released in 1989. The song I have posted was recorded in 1980/81. Thanks so much for listening though and if you know any other new wave/pshchobilly/punk fans, send em here to listen. :-)

  4. JustDave said:


  5. Claybricks said:


    Try this...

    Philisteens - Elephant Head {1982}

    song clips of their other songs on this page (seller will send sample of Elephant Head upon email request)

    Note: The song is also available on some blogs...

  6. jay1234 said:


    That's the same song as the sample, Philisteens - Elephant head.
  7. JustDave said:



    Claybricks and Jay1234 THANK YOU BOTH SO MUCH. Been searching for the identity of this song since the early 80s. I thought it was from 81 so I guess I was off by a year.

    Clay, how did you identify it if I may ask?
  8. simnia said:


    Yes, very cool. I'd like to hear it when you get a digital copy. Maybe post it on YouTube for us?
  9. JustDave said:


    @Simnia click on Jay1234's link above and you can listen to entire song. Now my quest is to find a copy of this album. :-)