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    Default anyone that speak romanian good please come read inside..

    this song could you translate it for me please beginng to end i love it

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    I.Acum te-ascult
    Now i am listening to you
    Incerc sa te cred,sa te uit
    I try to believe you, to forget you
    Privesc spre geam
    I'm looking on the window
    Timpul trece in zadar
    Time goes by in vane
    Si iar imi spui
    And you tell me once more
    Ce rau iti pare ca n-ai cum
    How sorry you are because you can't
    Sa te opresti sa nu te indragostesti
    Stop falling in love.

    Refren (2x):
    Chorus (2x)
    Spune hai,
    Come on,
    Ce mai stai?
    What are you waiting for?
    Stiu ca vrei sa ma ai
    I know you want me
    Nu ceda,
    Don't give up,
    Nu dispera,
    Don't get desperate,
    Ma vei avea!
    You will have me!

    II.Esti cam ciudat
    You're kind of weird
    Nu-ti pasa ca te-am tradat
    You don't care that i have betrayed you
    Perfect cum esti
    You are perfect
    Iti permiti sa ma iubesti
    And you afford to love me
    Si iar imi spui
    And you tell me once more
    Ce rau iti pare ca n-ai cui
    How sorry you are for not having whom
    Sa ii soptesti cat de mult tu ma dorestï
    To whisper how much you desire me

    Refren (6x):...
    Chorus (6x)

    That's about it.Enjoy!

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