Here's a drop i've been working on.

Thread: Here's a drop i've been working on.

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  1. ir1 said:

    Default Here's a drop i've been working on.

    Not yet finished but i'd like some input.

    These fools loading **** to their brains rapidly, call it rhapsody.
    Intelligence going downhill by the days, what the ****s happening?
    Every generation says the same about the next,
    but we're in deep water to our necks.
    They lack respect, I keep my head ahead with my intellect.
    Heck, kid's are like bad American clones not kept in check.
    lack their own chromosome, and just can't connect.
    I try to stay unique, place me in my own deck,
    They'll never reach me, ima spade of a hundred googleplex.
    And they still dont know jack ****
    While my brains just stacked with
    Knowledge like a full house, you all need practice.

    I wrote this to the NY State Of Mind Instrumental by Nas.
  2. gvr13 said:


    damn this verse is hot! you definitely killed it with the multiple syllable rhyming. the content of the verse was really good and smart, and i like how you rhymed at the beginning of your lines and not only in the endings like when you rhymed "clones, and chromosomes" in lines 6 and 7. dope verse, and props for writing over an illmatic beat.