Bouta record this today or tomorrow

Leave 'em ni***s hanging like a Southern honkie family tree
And no I ain't a G, this ni*** need an O to fall asleep
Easily, some sick sh** like 2 girls hit them DVDS
Doctors couldn't stop the flow, worried that they losin me
Son, the way I'm stoppin Negros, you would think I'm only cappin knees
The finer things is free, so I take ya bit** virginity
World be my domain and so cocaine remain my nemesis
This sh** is just the Genesis, you nigs be stuck on Exodus
The choice is his: Keep his lips shut or his daughter's split
BUt either way I'm flowin like I penetrate her orifices
Corpse it is. Body bag the fag then to the closet kids
Course the pigs gon' say its tragic, have you seen the torture vids?
I'm spittin fire, 3rd degree, murder for hire
GImme one excuse to light ya a** up, liar liar
No shi** I'm raw, bit** I'm straight out that Mother Africa
Rappers fuc*in wack like they can't stay outside their drawers