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    Question Rock-type song that says "I miss you"

    I don't know who this is by, and it's possible that I'm making it up in my own head, but I think I remember hearing this song where, at the climax of the song the guy singing belts out "I miss you" in the notes "do-sol-la" or 1-5-6 of the scale... Like, in the key of major C it would be C-G-A (but I don't know what key the song was in).

    This is driving me crazy because I don't remember any other part of the song lyrics or notes, which is why I think I might be inventing it in my own head...

    What I know it's not: Blink 182-Miss you, Incubus-I miss you, Nickelback-Far Away, Staind-Right here, 3 doors down-Here without You... But I feel like this band had a similar sound to the last 3 I listed here... so it's possible that the band is one of these, but I'm not finding the song.

    If you figure this out, you are a true genius and I hail you.

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