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    No. 07 could be this one:

    Cookie Irene – I Know (You Don't Love Me No More) 1975
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    03-1975 - kinda like reggae (not pure Jamaican)- Do you understand any words?
    Jorge Ben - "Brother" (a religious song from 1974, "Jesus Christ is my Lord")

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    04- 1975 -a sort of country song- „Woman, when I said goodbye ,I mean, I don't wanna try
    Morris Albert - "Woman"

    (Found your ancient upload at in mp3 format from 2 years ago, after that scanning the sample was an easy job once I had the sample at the correct pitch; for the others: pitch had to be corrected to -1 semitone -50 cents lower, G major is correct key. Most probably the remaining samples are pitched up at about the same amount.)

    08-1975- little little darling (50s,60s song names)
    Redbone - "Only You And Rock And Roll" (1974),00.html
    (Applied same technique again: found correct pitch (somewhat tricky here!), and scanned it in. Voilą, and the mystery is no longer a mystery. )
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    Great work!


    Can you upload the complete song for #2? (Many crazy people)

  4. jerry said:


    Hi Pianoman 74,
    Three mysteries solved !!! You are the greatest GURU !!! Thanks a lot!!! I would never dreamed about it in my boldest dreams !
    I sent MP3 clips to your mail adress

    Hi Dan,
    sorry - I have only this short part unfortunately

    Cookie Irene- no- I have got her version of this song (purchased on ebay)
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  5. jerry said:

    Default Help ID 1973-1976 song

    recorded in 1976- unknown title and artist. I'd appreciate help, cause this has been
    bothering me for a long time.

    Regards, Jara