I think your tense and need to calm down- put more emotion in your words

Rap about life but stay level, i'm not the best but im for sure one of the chillest

Use your tongue not your sword- stay in tune- flow like a river rhyme like seuss

Your mind isn't loose your hanging it by one simple noose. Let it free cut the cord

Break outta the horde- run like a stallion- don't go for the gold just work for a medallion

Stay fresh and keep in stylin, keep the thoughts compilin, run like a cheetah but strike like a lion

Take them like prisoners shut em down like its Guantanamo

Droppin bombs atomic, speed super fast like sonic, watch out below GERONIMO

New years resolution for everyone is to stay fit, won't happen its bull ****

Thought until my mind implodes, ideas coming in the bulb is now lit

Like a long term disease my beat stays in your head, like its cancerous

Barbed wire fence lined with guns, don't even come close its too dangerous

But, but, here we, here we go.

I'm going quick now because I try my best I don't have anything to lose
Try out my life, you ain't know **** about anything until you put yourself in my cold shoes
Thinkin they pro, too elite to be challenged but all they have is their useless ignorance
Nothing makes up for them acting dumb, don't know nothing they have too much arrogance
You need to stop and think before batting it out, start in a decent stance
Stick out your neck, do the best that you can, for everyone else too scared take a chance
We go hard with every single beat, all the time every single line, go so fast you can barely keep up with our professional rhyme
Your too young for the game, as of now your just a little toddler, you need to sit the **** down and stay as a follower. Try to get big you'll look like a fool, a loser a clown. Can't define what we do we just do it like we were born to rap, you were born for ****, look up porn all day stick with the fap. You lose your first its a hit for sure, while im sittin in the back drinkin fakes to quench my thirst. Here I am about to step up, thinkin about whats at stake, I grab the mic I'm about to go rock it. Step up to his face and this is all I have to say, get ready man, your about to play the game.

Close your legs man I can smell that nasty *** stench
Need a tractor to bury all of you fake rappers, not a grave a trench
You come up to me while I have an army, all you brought was wrench.

You come up here thought you were going to be fought
But I come prepared my rhymes so good they seem store bought
You try to keep up with me but i'm too fast just can't be caught
Im the teacher now listen be taught so you won't always finish last
Fist clenchin your ready to lash, or you gettin ready to itch that rash?
Itunes top I get all the cash, holdin my aim steady shoot the wolf that tried to stray
No way you lost the battle never would of thought I was coming in here to win
Scheme so deadly its now the eighth, ninth, and tenth deadly sin
Runnin outta beats the I can play over in my head, intelligence is now startin to shed
Somethin rolled off your shoulders, started to convulse bro I think you lost your head
But I'm done playing dead I'm starting to come alive, now fame is what I strive
This is over for now I'll come back later for some fun, peace out nigs, Fin.