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    Aziza04 said:

    Default Hesam YarYar translation please!


    Please somebody translate this song for me into english, sentence by sentence.
    Thanks in advance
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    Hanisa said:


    Hesam-Now I believe

    'dige bavaram shode ke rafti'
    Now I believe that you left
    'dige bavaram shode ke nist'
    Now I believe that you are not here
    'dige bavaram shode to ro nadaram'
    Now I believe that I do not have you any more
    'midoonam ke har chi begam bi asare'
    I know whatever I say it is useless
    'nemikhai bedooni ke cheshmam be dare'
    You do not want to know that I am waiting for you
    'ba inke raftio azam doori'
    In spite of you're went & you're away from me
    'to hamooni ke to ro be donia nemidam'
    You're that one that I do not change you with a world
    'be joz to kasi ro too delam rah nemidam'
    I do not allow any one except you to my heart
    'hanoozam azizi too khoone ie ghalbam'
    You are still dear in my heart
    'dooset daram'
    I love you
    'pat hamishe to khone ghalbe mane'
    You are always in my heart
    'agar hatta man be paie to bemiram ham kame'
    And even If I die for you,it won't be enough
    'midooni azizi, vase to mimiram,dooset daram'
    You know that you are darlling
    and I die for you
    I love you