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  1. RevolvingElk said:

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    delete my acccount, please.
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    Mixalopoulos said:


    Hi RevolvingElk.

    I think you have a valid point, but, imposing conditions on members to review other members lyrics in order to submit their own, would in my opinion, lead to a downturn in submissions.
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  3. RevolvingElk said:


    What is the point of having a large number of submissions if a significant portion don't even get reviewed?
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    Tania ATL said:


    Sorry for upping this old topic, but the problem persists.

    May be one day more people will understand that reading and reviewing other's lyrics is not only a courtesy, but also a possibility to try yourself as a critic and make new acquaints, for authors - discuss specific lyrics-writing problems and maybe see some own weaknesses. And of course, when author comments someone and shares his/her point of view, that someone becomes reciprocally interested.

    Seriously - what would make you become interested in reviewing lyrics of other memebers (if you aren't yet)? Question is for everyone who reads this thread and has a desire to answer (:
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    Doug Denslowe said:


    If you think it's bad now (the non commenting on others song lyrics and poetry) look back 7 months ago. If someone got three replies it was a miracle. It's picked up a lot, but it could be a lot better. If you like something, tell them so. If you can help them, do so. It's our site, treat it as such. Also, I think this is an important enough topic, that it should be permanently listed right under Forum Rules. This comes up so often, I think it deserves it.
    Update:after posting on almost every post on Lyrics Review and Poetry,I posted a song...........nothing.(okay my friend Amayn posted a reply after I complained to him)from this point on,I'm no longer posting any Replies or Comments unless that poster has Commented on my Thread.After months of being the most encouraging poster around,it's "give and take"!I've already given,now it's my turn to receive a little!
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