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    Default Dark and Gray

    days are dark, and gray
    but i dont care what they say
    i dont know why its over, so fast
    but will you remember this time
    im angry but im fine
    i never fixed your problems
    im sorry in the end

    and im sorry that its over
    it all just went too fast
    i dont know why, im sober
    but days will never last
    and this time is gone for good, so hold it tight
    with all your might, yeah hold it tight

    days are black and stained
    people rise to fame, but i know
    and i remember all our time
    i was angry, but im fine
    i still havent fixed your problems
    but im not sorry anymore

    just hold it tight... just hold it tight
    its over too fast
    and its gone
    i dont know why im over,
    over you, ill rise to fame, ill break away,
    break away from this chain

    im not sorry that its over
    its just happening to fast
    this time i aint sober
    and these days still wont last
    but these times have been gone for good so hold it tight

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    What can I say? You've done it again. Another awesome song. What kind of music do you listen to? Who are your influences?

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