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    smoothtung said:

    Default advice...?

    I have been asking for feedback
    But recieving turned backs.
    You look at my words spat
    And like the rest, ignore em.
    I'm pourin my heart out all over this forum
    I'm a morman...but I'm pissed you overlook this
    I took-this time to lay out on the line
    what's been going through my mind...rhyme after rhyme
    This is no game of mine, I'm serious about this ****
    You're delerious if you think I'm doing it for you kids.
    I'm honestly progressing, but problems are pressing
    So I title it "advice...?" So that maybe you'll listen
    I'm not just pissin' I'm shittin on you all
    Strategy: piss em off they'll answer my call.
    I sincerely stand tall but ask for your advice
    If you're good with words gimme some tips aight.
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    SK'nDeep said:


    Nice way to express that smooth...We all have this issue. Some people give feed back some don't..
    I try to leave feed back as much as possable. others not as often...
    My advice would be to give feed back, then say somthing on the same post under your feed back.
    (If you get a chance check out some of my stuff.) Kind of like you scratch my back I'll scatch yours type of thing...
    Another thing you can do is shoot pm's to all your trusted contacts that you need feed back from...and post the link in the P.M.
    Most importantly Smooth put a copy right dates on your work. In the event someone gets harry Balls and decides to steal it. you covered...
    any thing eles I can do shoot me a pm and we can Callaborate...
    Peace Love Empathy