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    Exclamation the verb "to sing" in russian


    I'd like to have the conjugation of the verb "to sing" ("pet"?) in russian language. I need presens, futur and imperf.
    I can read cyrillic language, I just have no keyboard to write it!.
    My professionjevets

    Spasiba uzje!

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    I can read cyrillic language, I just have no keyboard to write it!
    You can fix that in the section "keyboard", adding another language, with Shift+Alt you change the language.
    For Russian - I can't help!

    But I'll try, anyway:
    to sing - петь
    I'll sing - Я буду петь
    I was singing /I sang - я пела
    You need verb conjugation...

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    the conjugation of verb "to sing" -петь ( pet' )
    PAST :
    I- я пела ( fem) я пел (masc)
    you ты пела ( f) ты пел(m)
    he он пел
    she она пела
    we мы пели
    you вы пели
    they они пели

    I - Я пою
    you -ты поёшь
    he -он поёт
    she -она поёт
    we- мы поём
    you (pl) -вы поёте
    they -они поют

    I- Я буду петь ( or Я спою )
    you -Ты будешь петь ( ты споёшь)
    he -он будет петь ( он споёт)
    she она будет петь ( она споёт)
    we мы будем петь ( мы споём)
    you(pl) вы будете петь ( вы споёте)
    they они будут петь ( они споют )

    IMPERATIVE - пой ( спой)

    by the way singer is певец ( pevets)
    and the word Пока ( poka ) means Bye and if we wanna say "Hello" we don't use it Usually we use Привет (Privet)

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    Thanks, I didn't have time to answer Amaryn, but know I have
    Amaryn, you can google Russian verb conjugation:
    to sing

    more verbs here

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