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    Cool Living

    short one, but it gets the point across. just wrote it in about 5 minutes so its a rough draft

    i cant believe you had to leave like that
    i asked if, you could stay and chat
    you told me you, were in a rush
    so you fled to the door
    and slammed it on the way out..

    this is the saddest trip
    ill ever have to take
    this is the one
    youll never wanna make,
    in your life again
    so start living again

    i didnt know you had to go so soon
    4oclock in the afternoon you flew,
    half way around the world today
    just for me to ask, do i love you.


    but stop living where you can be seen
    doin nothing but bein overly obscene
    you got what it takes
    girl you got what it takes


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    Well, you did it again. Good job. You never cease to amaze me.

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    Very emo!

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