We cruise through this game, chill and play soft,
Start your engines and get ready for take off…

No need for implements, there's DJ's to make cuts,
We're all individuals but come from same cloth,

Take restraints off, i'm a proper Guern!
Out for a bubble there's no trouble in return,

Live and learn from mistakes that we all do,
but if you make the same one twice, more fool you!!…

So bro, show hope, when you don't know,
Lay trust in the faith and make sure that you go slow,

Oh no, I hear you sigh!?
But the tears you cry, are to clear your eyes
from the fears in mind that appear in life,
you might seem surprised, but it'll be all right…

….. See the signs, bring dreams alive with peace and drive!...

Realise the other side to this,
your mer-ka-bah is your ride to bliss,
try your best to confide in this,
my friend - i lend my time to fix…
Your path,
and the deed is quite thrilling,
if it's over grown then weeds i'll be strimming..

With my Flymo, i know the heat in the kitchen,
can get too much to see when it's sizzling…

….it may seem like a mission,
But persevere, it's like sleeping or fishing,

trust and patience are the keys to our living,
If you're going under water then sea's i'll be swimming

i'll save you,
and when you're speaking i'll listen,
but ''you are what you preach'' so mean what you're spitting!!…

I sleep with a diction,-ary in my vision,
whilst my pineal gland is feeding me wisdom...

It's learn and teach…

Conscience will Con Science!..

Yes i preach,

but look at it some time!!..

Seven and Eleven are both odd numbers but look at the spelling,
they both say even and sound like heaven,

…..What's this world coming to!?
people have opinions but they haven't got a clue..

What would mother nature say if she could see us now?..
We know we've all mucked up this world up some how,

So, people, i'm not gonna hate ya, just do us a favour,
feel the love of nature. . .