Yo, i'll shine a light in the darkness mate,
every body knows this life sometimes is hard to take ,
We need to understand this illusion we're living in
is our own prison built up from the vision within!..
…….So what we gonna do?..
Use your fears to guide and help you through..
Insecurities when laid bare, like make up and hair,
are made to be there so you're always taking good care,
It's a trait we all share, blinded by the bill boards
to kill our individualism with a, ''hate to be there,
and a, ''can't wait to be there!…
The grass is greener so we're always dreaming
in a place that's unfair…
I'm creating this rare, piece of music to make you aware,
between a gaze and a stare,
we all feel, with our emotions, no one elses,
so don't ever be afraid to be scared!…