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    Been tryn to get paid in any kinda way since my very first day,
    and I relive the hurt everytime I recall my birth.
    My worse days for sure have been spent on earth,
    been dying for my last day here ever since my first.

    I can recall it all, member them counting my limbs,
    my fingers my toes make sure they both go to ten.
    I remember the Dr. slappin me I member slapping him,
    member the gold 'round his neck and splitting his chin.
    Took off runnin as in life ill do again and again.

    Shot down the hall link inhand never let go kinda grip,
    still connected to moms by the umbilical cord straight dragging that b***h.
    And I was just a lil s**t moving around like I had somewhere to get,
    a pawn shop to hit. Juke move, stutter step, spin move
    'round a hospital bed. Covered in blood soaking wet.

    Looking like a half a** abortion.
    Like a rare side of beef ready to be cut into portions,
    and served as the third of five courses.
    Like a pit pup that got shot up tryn to keep cops from making their way forced in.
    The scores in, your boys been through some torment.

    But dinner in hell is how my life's story begins.
    To moms he was just another trick and she thought she could win,
    but every contract w/the devils signed w/a bloodfilled pen.
    Leaving a child of Satan's to pay for a h*e moms sins.
    Soul stained w/a filth unable to cleanse.
    An evil, baptismal rituals can't rinse.

    Its horrid, my stories are sordid, but true as I've recorded.
    A piss poor kid grown now but dealing w/more s**t.
    Pain, for life I've stored it. Love, like a wife I've ignored it.
    Ready to forfeit, concede, knowing its not worth it.
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