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  1. Kateva said:

    Default please help me:)

    I am looking for a status or song lyrics that give the meaning that i will be more mature and stop being a child, so i can be with my boyfriend who wants us to take a break and let me do immature things for my age that is logical. but i want to show that i am willing to grow up and change to be with him. English or preferably Greek, Thank you so much xx
  2. Mixalopoulos's Avatar

    Mixalopoulos said:


    If he doesn't accept you as you are, then perhaps you shouldn't be with him.

    Never rush to grow up, enjoy your youth, you only get one.
    Ρεμπέτικο για πάντα. Μάγκες είμαστε.
  3. Kateva said:


    i know, but i do want to be with him.
  4. Evanescent's Avatar

    Evanescent said:


    Perhaps this Μαντώ - Φωτιά στα πρέπει ... Love is irrational & cannot be bounded nor limited by logic.