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    Hi everyone,

    There have been quite a few people asking how to post questions, as well as asking them in the middle of another thread. If you start your own thread, you will have a much better chance of having your song identified.

    Up at the top left of the index page for each forum, there is a little grey rectangle that says "NEW TOPIC". Select this, give it a title, and ask your question!

    Also remember that your posting has to comply with Forum Rules 8) Forum spamming leads to immediate permanent ban of spammer’s account. Even if your posts are relevant, please, do not start more than 4-5 threads per day per one subforum. If you've got many requests or questions or songs to post, please, unite them in one post.

    Good Luck,

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    To members, who reply to threads with their song suggestions:
    Please always write singer's name and song name in your reply, and not just youtube link, because youtube links get from time to time disabled or removed by users. Thank you