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    Evanescent said:

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    This is not mine, but ... thought to share it here ...

    This is the other side,
    the eternal space hidden,
    the world without skin and flesh,
    the perfect natural nightmare ...

    Before and after,
    since then, does not exist,
    yesterday and today,
    dying in inanimate moments ...

    The air blow a breath
    fragile and cold,
    the light extinguished
    for a long time ...

    Forgotten things were converted
    in wooden creatures,
    solitary rocks
    recreated the inert souls ...

    Surviving in a desolated forest,
    with metalic and coldest tree,
    with his delicate and sharp leafs,
    cutting a beautiful silence, sometimes ...

    Only the immortal shadows,
    dance his fleeting movements,
    his silent silhouettes,
    talks his untold anxiety ...

    There is not fear,
    there are not resentments,
    there is not blame,
    there are not hurts,
    there is not fate,
    there are not pains,
    there is not hope ...

    In a clearing of the forest,
    suspended like a dark sun,
    shining his gray solitude,
    there is a stone heart ...

    The stone heart remain
    in a intimacy and lucidity inert peace,
    does not do, does not feel
    does not believe, does not live ...

    Waiting his final existence,
    the latest event,
    of his solitary, dark
    and foolish life ...

    Nobody knows
    when the event will happens
    but, everybody knows
    that will happen ...

    And ... this it comes finally,
    nobody resist, nobody escape,
    everybody waits calmly
    his liberation and self destruction ...

    The place is illuminated
    by a bright and intense flash,
    the fired wind, burns and melts
    everything that he touch ...

    Stone heart resist fascinated
    at latest moments,
    melting his inside, burning his outside,
    like a sun stone ...

    A violent and delirious explosion,
    break the stone heart by half,
    liberating all the dreams, all the illusions,
    all the memories, all the feelings wasted ...

    Everything was over,
    in the cold and inert place,
    only smoke, only echoes, only ashes,
    only the ruins remain scattered there ...

    However ... at end,
    nobody see, nobody know,
    that happened in the heart
    of the broken stone heart ...

    A beautiful red rose
    stay in a bleed crack,
    tenderly, fragile, imperceptibly, delicate,
    daring the petrify nature ...

    The red rose unknown,
    in her heavenly rapture,
    the existence of this place,
    this other side ...

    She have been living
    in a bliss place,
    by the warm and sonorous heartbeat
    of the stone heart ...

    In a short time,
    frozen by a cold wind
    in the deep silence
    of the eternal night,
    the red rose lost,
    her color,
    her petals,
    her sap,
    her fragrance ...

    At last,
    nobody saw, nobody knew,
    that happened in the heart
    of the broken stone heart,
    anymore ...

    It's all ...
  2. amaryn's Avatar

    amaryn said:


    evanesent! It took me a while to read this poem of yours and I find it rather devastating, honestly.
    It seems to me a reflection of a cold and heartless world.
    But to be sure of that I suppose I have to keep on reading.....
    Thanks anyway!
  3. mexico62 said:


    Hi Evanescent, hope you share with us who wrote this poem, it tells the truth of life, all the universe is in constant change, this lines made me remember Kafkaīs "Metamorphosis". (
    Because, as human beings, and mortals, we have fear to the unknown beyond, and as any body resists to change itīs status, we want to be in our confort site, but is an inexorable law that all the things must get to and end, and everything, including us, have a natural circle, and when it closes we go to the next level, hope itīs upstairs for all of us. Thank you