Sometimes I wonder (short drop)

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  1. ir1 said:

    Default Sometimes I wonder (short drop)

    yoyo lyrical ****...just kidding.

    Sometimes I wonder why I even attempt this rap sh!t./
    Am I fake like plastic? Will people look past it? /
    Or maybe the game be just a little too drastic,/
    focused on their items rather than the rhymin'/
    I try to perfect my timing but there's hills that i'm climbin'./
    wondering if I am still what i've been eying. /
    They say if you're not livin' then you're busy dying./
    But all the time i'm spittin' with these rhythms that i'm vibing/

    Some feedback would be cool. I wrote it to the "Heard "em Say" instrumental by Kanye.
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    smoothtung said:


    I digg these lyrics, simple but...nice
  3. ir1 said:


    I kind of wrote this while tired and i'll admit it's really forced. Had coffee and stayed up writing.