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    Francis was a teenage genius, aloof an nerdy

    He didn’t likesports, or getting his hands dirty

    To hide from the bullieshewould getto schoolearly

    He had a speech imped – Imped - impediment, he communicated poorly

    All thejocks were jealous of his academic accomplishments

    All thegirlsshunned him, they were sexually opposites

    They would always ask him questions likethey werethegreat philosophist

    All theanswersled to Francis lacking any and all confidence

    One day after a particularly ruthless hazing

    Francis was in his lab, mad, eyes blazing

    He said he would fashion a robot to eliminate the hate that they were raising

    He gave it super strength and speed, with a titanium alloy casing

    After two weeks his robot was ready for his bitter dealings

    He programmed it to eliminate all those who ever hurt his feelings

    The robot entered school and destroyed every human from the basement to the ceilings

    The task was complete…..but there was a flaw in its logic……

    When the robot saw francis after its job was complete

    It grabbed Francis and separated the ground from his feet

    Francis gasped for air, but alas, his trachea was crushed

    Francis lay on the ground dead, his robot stood motionless, ready to turn to rust.

    See one thing Francis had forgot when programming

    Was that his own mind, was likealltheothers,and yet even more damning

    As much as the jocks and girls hated francis, francis hated francis the most

    So Francis died a tragic way, and if one was looking for irony, then this is butter for that toast.
  2. ir1 said:


    It's text but honestly I couldn't find the flow on this. More internals would have been better I think. Keep it up though you have some good rhymes.
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    dawg i wrote this alooong time ago. Before I wrote 'sick n' sadistic' ~ both versions.
    Just never had anyone look at it. Haha I write a lot better than this ^^ now