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    Default Singer & song title for an Albanian love song with English rap


    I've been trying to find out the name of the singer and/or the song title to an Albanian song sung by a female.

    It's an upbeat/valle love song with a couple of rap sections sung in English by a male.

    The first line in Albanian is 'Bukuria Jote...'

    The english rap starts with 'One Two One Two', then goes on with:
    We can have a good love if we keep on making love
    We can live together...

    The second rap section includes the following lines:
    I told you I could marry you
    We can have a good love
    Come on my baby you know i'm yours
    and ends with 'i love you girl'

    I have a dodgy recording so that's all I can understand really! If you could shed any light that would be much appreciated.

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    Can you upload the recording? I dont think a "valle" song has rap in it...anyway it will be helpful to have the recording.
    Source: I am Albanian

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    Click on the below link to download the song in .wma via zSHARE: (file size 1.60MB)

    I've recorded the last 2 min of the song.


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