hi im new here and need some help.

Thread: hi im new here and need some help.

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  1. lostandfound94 said:

    Default hi im new here and need some help.

    Ugh ok well I'm a 17 year old Irish and at this very moment in time, I can't get a certain girl out of my head. She found out I liked her about 2 weeks before Christmas. And she just wants to be friends. It's unbearable for me because I like her so much so I'm hoping that someone knows a song that I can possibly sing for her or give to her so she will change her mind. Any help would be wonderful.
  2. lostandfound94 said:

    Default Ok, so there's a girl, she knows I like her.

    Ok, so there's a girl, she knows I like her. She just wants to be friends but its driving me mad. I was hoping maybe a song would change her mind or am I just being impatient and obsessed? Any suggestions as to what I could do? I can sing pretty well and I have a couple of friends who play guitar if that helps at all. Thanks btw she likes any kind of music at least that is what she said also we've had a little falling out shortly after she found out I liked her because apparently I "attacked" her best friend. And by attacked I mean verbally o.o
  3. uedaprincess said:


    Ok, well, Always by Bon Jovi is a good song, isn't it? You can also try with Nothing by The Script. You know, they're Irish, you're Irish...XD
  4. lostandfound94 said:


    They are great suggestions, I've listened to both songs, but they don't fit the situation that well. I want to tell her I like her more than she understand and I think lobe would kinda freak her out. And I've never been with her before so that doesn't fit with it either :/ thanks for the suggestions tho