_SBU vs Shaadow (Smoothtung): FINISHED AND OPEN FOR VOTES.

Thread: _SBU vs Shaadow (Smoothtung): FINISHED AND OPEN FOR VOTES.

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  1. _SBU said:

    Default _SBU vs Shaadow (Smoothtung): FINISHED AND OPEN FOR VOTES.

    first to to five votes wins/unless its 3-0 then that's a win as well
    Voter must explain vote in a coherent fashion to remove biased voting

    ROUND 1

    Quote Originally Posted by shaadow View Post
    _sb is sure insane, big like ..fifteen years ago.
    Me I'm a hurricane, 'eye' is pristine /while fiercest 'flow'.
    ...Lyrics glow ~
    and mine have been 'bright' since sixteen...
    'Atmospheric show' -
    you could say I'm 'fly' like 'slip-streams'...
    'Atlas spirit' so,
    I'm high with 'fire' lines to drop n crackle...
    Wrapped in lyrics wrote,
    This fight will be dire like, ..'lost in battle'.

    ...I'm 'atop'/'in the saddle' ~ a tiger 'higher' addicted..
    ....And you complement the hassle of the, 'higher' listed ^

    I'm entirely gifted.. - ..attire's like the rich kids..
    _sb your inquiry implied sh*t .. - but I missed it..
    I'm intrigued in rising eye-lids ..with trickery.. ~ .. an supple mystique..
    ....'sweet' symmetry - like milk weed distilleries.

    My blitzkrieg witchery cause injury.. ~ ..artillery are syllabary's of poets,
    I'll leave you, ..'mincemeat'.. for the bigotry of delivery/flowin'...
    You're left in misery knowing... You're grueling master's sadistic..
    And history's showing - faster producing massacre statistics...

    This basterd emits a mystic touch but combusts it...
    THIS rapper spits sick, and MUST - its what I'm in love with...

    ROUND 1

    Quote Originally Posted by _SBU View Post
    ..That was basic. you seem to be aggitated.
    your big words only make points if you're scrabble playing.

    it's accidental when you give words new meanings.
    you bit me once, now I have to spoonfeed it.
    you've dishonoured all that you come from.
    you bit my lines and chewed the 'Smooth-tung' off.

    he treats rap as a second wife.
    didn't go in hard, but still he entered twice.
    ..used two accounts to battle here, he knew he'd need an extra try.
    that wasn't what I meant when I said to 'get a life'.

    I bring something of substance to light. you just Shaadow it.
    we've battled twenty times before.. Shadow: he"S-had-0-w"ins.

    you change your name but should've stayed untitled.
    you use two names but can barely claim one style.
    Shadow's behind the times, like a sundial.
    son dials.. calls me out and sounds like a young child.
    oldschool or taking it back to it's infancy?
    you've got flow but you lack in consistancy.
  2. _SBU said:


    ROUND 2

    Quote Originally Posted by shaadow View Post
    Im ahead of the race, I've skills to make it.
    I'm'pressing' the game ...still... you disgrace it..
    Titles mean nothing, yet you think its my handcraft?
    No, really.. - the f*cking 'shadow'.. is from 'Backdraft'..

    'Mad' though? Ill-forms can't reach my sensations...
    And 'stillborn's are dead twenty weeks past gestation.
    I sense aggravation densly ..'emblazoned'..
    ..an if you doubt my intentions.. that is 'decorated'..

    We've been here before dude, and script says I'm super,
    You'll be ..forlorn soon.. cuz I'm better than you were..
    You've been gone awhile, and you think that's okay dude?
    I'm sorry ..'defiled's the way Ill portray you..

    Id slay you,
    but unicorns kinda stifle flows frankly...
    I'm quite fond of 'wild horses' ~ 'Nights in Rodanthe'..
    I'm no 'xanthe' but writing is something I cherish,
    I see cherubs in fancy type toting serifs..
    ...Like Deris plants grow, ('serif's are letter sides..)
    And 'Deris' plants are known to parent insecticide...

    ROUND 2

    Quote Originally Posted by _SBU View Post
    why even try with your disasterous wordplay?
    I'll strike my own Shaadow, and cause earthquakes.
    I'm higher so when I'm pissing on you, you see rainbows.
    when I hit Shadow punches 'land' like Donkey Kong. D.K. you decay though.

    shadow's transparent rap plans'll seem useless.
    you drew with 'Who' and you barely de'Duce'd it.
    I said you and 'Who're well matched. novelty probably.
    "you and Who're well matched" -drop the apostraphe.

    you make claims with no weight and change names after them.
    you bury your roots like a very astute gardener.
    you seemed to think you had a chance. should've known it wasn't likely.
    now the fear grows in Shadow and climbs like poison ivy.

    think you're a hot lyricist? were you not listening?
    you're Blowing in the wind; harm-monikers like Bob Dylan did.

    I've messaged him, regretted it, he makes me bored as hell.
    you're truely 2D, shaallow, just a shaadow of your former self
  3. _SBU said:
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    smoothtung said:


    Just to clear up my line, 'shadow' was Robert dinero's nickname in 'Backdraft'. It isn't a poor metaphor for a shadow and a backdraft or something
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    smoothtung said:


    Bump. We need votes
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  7. DuceDaMicRipper said:


    yo, did my vote get deleted? If so, I'll repost it.
  8. tre_fly2 said:


    My vote goes to sbu.

    Don't get me wrong yall are both dope, and I envy your guy's style alot. I feel its more deft/technical then me, filled with clever sh1t. This posed as an interesting battle with the similarities in style. You both came hard, but, like I said before, smooth your lines get too complex sometimes and I feel it takes away from you. like I'm never like, "ohhhh snap", when I read your punches. I'm just like "ooo that was smart." Sbu's bars were just more clear and potent for me. I guess it had to do with personal preferenc,so in that regard I'd have to go with sbu like I said already.

    Props to both you guys though
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    smoothtung said:


    Good vote and explanation, that's what we're lookin for tre
  10. _SBU said:


    Quote Originally Posted by D_Rip View Post
    yo, did my vote get deleted? If so, I'll repost it.
    Yeah your vote seems to have disappeared, please repost. Thanks.
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    smoothtung said:


    Yea what's good with that? Cuz u were banned?
  12. CheesyBacon said:


    I'm new here so you can discount my vote if you want but I'm going SBU too. Shadow, I think you dance around too much with your lyrics, especially for a battle where you need to be making specific hard blows. If it was a song writing contest maybe it'd swing the other way but as far as battling, SBU takes it for me.