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  1. jadadon said:

    Default Help me pick a wedding song.

    Okay, so my fiance and I are getting married soon, and I need help finding a wedding song. We have a bit of a Litetime movie love story, so here goes:

    We first met about three years ago. He was the first guy I ever dated, and I feel in love very fast. For a few months, things were great. We were young and in love, and nothing could stop us. That is, until I got sick. I was diagnosed with skin cancer, and since we caught it late, there was very little chance that I was going to survive. He was determined to stick with me through all of it, but... I was scared. Terrified. And I thought that if I was going to die, I didn't want him around to see it. So I broke it off with him and told him to leave, telling him that I didn't love him anymore. It was the worst mistake of my life, and I regret it so much.

    A year passed, and by some miracle, I survived. I got chemo treatment after chemo treatment, and even though there were many times where I felt as though I would've liked to die, I survived. One day the doctors came in and told me that the cancer was all gone. Suddenly, I had a whole life in front of me to live, and yet I couldn't stop thinking about that one man I had fallen in love with.

    I consider it a God-sent gift that we met again. One day a friend called to tell me that he was in town. I found him, and I can't even describe to you the look on his face when he saw me. He had thought I was dead, and now he looked as though he had seen a ghost. I begged him for his forgivness for making him leave, telling him that I still loved him. We spent some time just catching up with each other, taking it slow, and eventually we got back together.

    We got engaged a few months ago, and I'm having trouble finding a wedding song for us. I want something about going through really hard times and coming out together stronger than ever before. Ideas?
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    Mixalopoulos said:


    Ρεμπέτικο για πάντα. Μάγκες είμαστε.
  3. Peshmerga1990 said:


    Savage Garden-I Want To Stand With You On A Mountain (Truly Madly Deeply),, this is a beautiful song