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    MY shadow flashes past, you stand back. Gasp. Can't grasp what I say like I'm speaking Arawak.
    Your wisecracks ain't all that, they fall flat. Your off track like a plane that's been hijacked.
    Your soundtracks are so slack, they can't hack it, like a gambling addict losing at blackjack.
    I'm a linebacker, you're a quarterback fumbling a bad snap then getting your *** sacked.

    This is target practice. Come on man, think of something original.
    Cause me a miracle. I want you to, I just don't think you got it in you.
    You think I never heard that "cheesy-fries" sh*t before?
    Only on every forum that I've ever been posting, like you gotta be joking.

    That's the best sh*t you can come up with?
    Your lack of effort is offensive, come on, try it again b*tch.
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    sorry, this was supposed to be a post in the rap battle thread. still getting used to this site.
    Hip-hop is art. Don't make a pop hit, be smart. Take it back to the start, like KRS and Rakim use passion and heart.