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  1. ir1 said:

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    Wrote it to this instrumental-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPiLHfevfzQ

    I construct a fresh rhyme every time I get time./
    Make my brain create reactions like a f#ckin' enzyme./
    Beats playing in the back, heats blazing on the track./
    Wrote this dope sh#t, addictive prone like crack./
    At first rap was just a gamble, but I still drop bars./
    Now i'm killin' it like Rambo, taking out cop cars./
    Type it on my ipod, snipin' just like Cod./
    Hopefully you might nod, or say, "oh my god"./
    But if not it's okay, I don't care anyways./
    I'm doin' this for fun son, not tryin' to amaze./
    Just loosely sittin' and kickin' it like Bruce Lee's shittin it./
    Spittin writtens leaving victims wishin' I had gone fishin'./
    but on a mission that causes a vision to go so aggressive./
    got flow like progressive which is oh so impressive./
    you wanna know the method, but all I do is write sh#t./
    Floatin' in some rhyme spit, smokin' up a nice spliff./

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    No feedback?
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    You guys suck.