Nice BG hip hop songs ? 2011-12

Thread: Nice BG hip hop songs ? 2011-12

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  1. NaOdd said:

    Red face Nice BG hip hop songs ? 2011-12

    Hello I'm looking after nice bulgarian hip hop songs Because everything I've founded is BG pop and it's too commercial it's like I'm always listening to the same song. And I hate barbie girls

    Thanks for ur help
  2. mariusmxm's Avatar

    mariusmxm said:


    Denyo - Prosti mi

    Denyo - Vse taka li

    Denyo - Zashto jiveq

    Sarafa - Istinata

    Sarafa - Illuminati

    Sarafa - Sofia de Janeiro

    Sarafa - Kvo staa

    Sarafa - Tuk zaradi realnostta
  3. nkarceff said:


    The older/ classic bulgarian songs are mostly of the group "Upsurt" (Ъпсурт) - 3 v 1 / Vtora cedka / Tvoita maika / Kolega/ Zvezdata. The lyrics are mostly about politics and the situation in the country (really true and sad stuff, but said sometimes in a hilarious ways).
    Now also mainstreaming are songs of Krisko and 100 kila - their songs are mostly about parties and *****es, but not all of them I think.
  4. Au79 said:


    This and a couple of other songs by Ustata is what first came to my mind when I saw the title of the thread. --> Those nice old times when things hadn't become so commercial yet. Tell me if you need a translation.