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  1. EnrixosfromParis said:

    Smile Giannis Xaroulis-Akrovatis Translation needed

    Hello, can someone, help translate this song in english?

    Για ιδέστε όλοι τον ακροβάτη που τραμπαλίζεται
    για ιδέστε όλοι τον ξενομπάτη πως δε ζαλίζεται
    Για ιδέστε τον ακροβάτη που κι όταν πέφτει γελά
    και ποτέ δε κλαίει, ποτέ δε κλαίει

    Για ιδέστε που χει το ερημοπούλι αίμα στο φτερό
    πετά κι ας το βρε θανάτου βόλι, κόντρα στον καιρό
    Με τον καιρό να ναι κόντρα, έχει τιμή σαν πετάς
    να μένεις μόνος, να μένεις μόνος

    Για ιδέστε όλοι δέστε και μένα άλλο δε ζητώ
    που χω στους ώμους φτερά σπασμένα και ακροβατώ
    Γύρισε κάτω η μέρα κι ακόμη εσύ να φανείς
    μην κλαις πουλί μου, μην κλαις πουλί μου
  2. thanos said:


    I translated and also wrote the greek words with english characters for you. Enjoy

    Ya theste ole ton akrovati, poy trabalizete/
    Everybody, take a look at how the acrobat tries to balance

    Ya theste ole ton xenovati, pos den zalizete/
    Everybody, take a look at how the stranger (xenovatis = cretan idiom)doesn't get dizzy.

    Ya theste ton akvrovati, poy ki otan pefti yela, ke pote then kley (pote then kley) /
    Take a look at the acrobat; even if he falls he laughs and never cries, (and never cries).

    Ya theste poy he, to erimo-pouli, ema sto ftero /
    Take a look at the bird of the desert that has a bleeding wing.
    Petae ki as to 'vre, thanatoy voli, kontra ston kero /
    It's still flying against time, even if it has suffered the shot of death.

    Me ton kero na ne kontra, ehi timi san petas, na menys monos, (na menys monos) /
    When time is against you, the price you pay in order to fly is to be left alone, (is to be left alone).

    Ya theste ole, theste ke mena, allo then zito /
    Everybody, take a look at me, I'm asking for nothing else.
    Poy 'ho stoys omoys ftera spasmena ke akrovato /
    (look at me) that I have broken wings on my back and I am trying to keep the balance like an acrobat.

    Yirise kato e mera ke akoma esy na fanes /
    The day has passed and you still are not there,
    Min kles pouli moy, (min kles pouli moy) /
    don't cry my beloved one (pouli moy=greek idiom, literal meaning: bird).
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