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    Second life

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    Is it possible for (regular) members to see the list of banned members?
    They are not in Member list, of course, but their names show up in User name drop menu, in Advanced Member Search, but you can't go to their profiles (from that page). You can see their profiles if you bump into their like(s), for example, in some thread.

    I guess it's a secret. Isn't it?

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    There isn't such option for visitors to view banned users list, it's supposed to be service information. Do you want to inquire about particular someone?

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    Second life

    Thank you Tania ATL.

    No, I don't look for anyone. I found out that there were banned users here about week ago, which came as surprise - I had no idea about it.

    I saw on The Official vBulletin Modifications Site some discussions about Banned User Lists, but I didn't know whether the threads were for admins/moderators or for members. On some others sites powered by vBulletin, user names of banned members are visible, since their posts have been left. (I guess it depends from the type of a ban.)

    I have no more questions. Thank you again for your help.

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