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    Default Help me find an upbeat electro/dance song with french lyrics PLEASE

    I am making a video of a holiday I went on last year and I need a song to put over the footage from Montreal. I have searched through so many French songs and can't find one that strikes my ears. I want it to be upbeat, something that makes you feel happy. A lot of the songs I have heard are just that bit too 'flat' I guess is the word I'm looking for. I want something with French lyrics that gets you pumped up, but isnt too heavy. Thanks buddies.

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    "Ca Plane Pour Moi" by Plastic Bertrand

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    Stromae - Alors on Danse
    Kate Ryan - Ella Elle L'a

    And not really dance/trance:
    Manau - La Tribu De Dana
    Kassav - - Zouk La Se Sel Medikaman Nou Ni

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    Okay... I know one with some French in the beginning but then English through the rest of it... it's still a great song. 9_9
    Time to let go - Sally Shapiro --- Dream/techno

    Sigh.... Just try it out.

    Sally Shapiro might have other songs in french, I'm not sure, I haven't checked.
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