Feedback on my raise the bar cypher entry?

Thread: Feedback on my raise the bar cypher entry?

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  1. ir1 said:

    Default Feedback on my raise the bar cypher entry?

    Here's a link to the video.

    Tell me what you think and like the video of you like it.
  2. CheesyBacon said:


    got another link? youtube's banned in China.
    Hip-hop is art. Don't make a pop hit, be smart. Take it back to the start, like KRS and Rakim use passion and heart.
  3. ir1 said:


    Nah, I only posted it on youtube. I'll post the lyrics here though.

    New to this rap stuff, got it locked in hand cuffs./
    Wrote this **** straight off the dome like it's dandruff./
    Ever see a nerd spit? You will when this verse hits/
    and disperse the words, it's just flowing like cursive./4
    Shits hitting with precision kind of like a marksman./
    These bars going hard, they're made with high carbon./
    Other rappers claiming that they're hungry but i'm starvin'./
    Flow so sick, don't spit, cause i'm barfin'./8

    Dreaded by the boredom, I started rapping on Xgen Forums./
    Just an attempt to present some hip hop for 'em./
    Attained the basics of the game, now I got my name scorin'./
    you can't even keep up with these words like you became foreign./12
    Now I got the tools to make my raps click instantly./
    and i'm servin' up these fools fast like Micky Dees./
    Realize this ain't a disguise, it's not a different me./
    insight to my rap side just gave me an epiphany./16

    And i'm still flowin' hard with these golden bars./
    make people shut their mouth's as if they're holdin' barfs./
    Keepin' **** deadly while i'm kickin' it like Jet Li./
    Killin' anybody that wants to go against me./20
    Even though i'm new I know i'll still be killin' cyphers./
    Always stayin' true and always aimin' higher./
    I'm never gonna quit, no way that i'll retire./
    Gonna spit this fire until this **** is expired./ 24