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  1. quickill said:

    Default Topic Rapping

    The way this works is, I start by posting a topic. Then whoever posts after me has to rap about that topic. At the end of their rap, they post a new topic. And so on and so forth.

    First topic: Nightmares
  2. WesT G BwoY Y.M.C.M.B said:


    Woke up in the middle of the night,
    tryed to go back to sleep but somthing wasnt right,
    i call my nightmares dreams,
    i like the sound of making people scream,
    like in the one last night,
    where i made quickill give up the fight,
    just to let everyone know,
    quickills rhymes is like a plane that never flown,
    take that **** home take it to the bank,
    ill follow u home alone n stick u wit a shank,
    this **** must be a nightmare my mind is blank,
    **** this **** is dank no need to thank,
    hope i would wake up soon from this ****in prank,

    (next topic~~~lyfe with no money n *****es~~~)
  3. Zachre's Avatar

    Zachre said:


    I warily sit sometimes and wonder if I'm really alive
    I barely get some dimes working that nine to five
    I'm scared as ****, gun crimes and dyin by knives
    With all of this, how am I suppose to survive?

    Can't put food in the house much less on the table
    The only good is that any mouse left to a place more stable
    But so would my spouse if she found herself able...
    I'm in the hood without energy or a jumper cable.

    Walk through hell and crimson spewed streets, cus my feet are tax free
    Watch the television news feed, just to see the new ways to tax me.
    Talked to as a felon wishin they viewed differently, cus it'd relax me
    No one is helpin or listenin so I'm soon to be a casualty of society.

    I know its only 3 bars not 4... but i'm too tired so oh well...
    Next Topic: What is your purpose/destiny/why are you here? Something based off that.
  4. smoothtung's Avatar

    smoothtung said:


    Lately been experimenting with personaly evolved rhyme schemes...
    Some are detrimental, ha solid failure..

    I've pondered over such, wandered close to 'touched; gods-terms-so, one(Me)-must-be BEAST/ ..'tough'..
    1 luv, steez.. f*ck, "seas flux-MUST-be spreed' rough.."
    Ask me why I'm here; ill plead "un-luck-y E-nough.."
  5. Zachre's Avatar

    Zachre said:


    You forgot your next topic my brotha
  6. DuceDaMicRipper's Avatar

    DuceDaMicRipper said:


    wats the next topic on? hmmm, lemme see...
    since shadow didnt say then I guess its on me...
    so many too choose from but which will it be...
    sex? Drugs? Women? how bout viral disease?
    education? love? witches? na, none of those 3
    how bout the sibliminal effects from watching T.V.
    or eating too much candy and not enough greens
    mamma screamin "healthy habbits begin in your teens"
    And bad habbits never end untill you'll willing to "clean"
    so instead of fighting the urge just follow my lead...
    do exactly what I do...kill and murder for green...
    feed the lust of your flesh for each desires a need...
    its ok if you drink occasionaly smoke on some weed...
    Its your right to relax kick back and enjoy life...
    like **** whatever happens after I die, right?

    no, actually its very important as a matter of fact...
    ...lets take pac 4 example, since hes a legend of rap
    He died at 25 which means he saw only 9125 days to be exact
    and thats nothing but a mere vapor in time...
    elevate beyond the flesh which all will feel the bitter sting of its death
    seek Christ, ask Him into your heart, surrender your life... for Christ is the only life indeed...

    lines 11 thru 15 are scripted examples how the devil decieves
    that soft voice in your ear telling you to follow your dreams
    and after a while you begin to belive "the world really does revolve around me"
    out to steel your mind kill your soul and destroy whats left
    of the hope Christ has instilled within you to endure tests
    the devil comes to steel, kill, and destroy
    the father of all lies waging war on your spirit and joy
    not seen by human eye for his exsistance not physical
    armed with a legion of demons loosed and deployed
    all spiritual but not limited to religiously minded individuals
    like mathamattics; adding thought to your mind, divine criminals
    seeking to darken the shine tossing intreaging darts at your mind
    drenched in the fires of hell yet very appeasing at times
    but dont let him succeed, the battles been won, only you can loose the war
    by allowing greed and the lust for more to become all that you live for...

    NEXT TOPIC: Healthy Communication
    If you can't covince them, Confuse them... / The mic ripper is here
  7. CheesyBacon said:


    they say talk is brain food, so now we're all 'eating' text-symbols
    so if you want it healthy... let's talk fruit and vegetables:

    apples are pomaceous-fruits that grow-on-small deciduous trees,
    and originated out-in Western-Asia originally.
    there are different kinds for cooking, eating fresh or making cider
    and 35% of them are produced here in China.
    they say "an apple a day keeps the doctor away",
    because they may reduce the risk of cancer
    now let's move on to the next fruit of the day
    let me introduce the banana:

    bananas are usually green at first, but when ripe they turn yellower
    I couldn't stand them as a child, but now I can't get enough've-'em
    it's understood that they are a rich source of potassium
    and in cartoons men fall on skins which always makes kids laugh-at-'em
    not all bananas are as soft and sweet as the ones we eat
    they actually 'split' - ha, pardon the pun - into many other species

    For 'C' we'll cover carrot, the common orange root vegetable
    selectively-bred for less-woody-textured enlarged taproots that're-edible
    they're highly nutritious to rabbits and can cure myxamatosis
    but overconsumption for humans can lead to carotenosis
    Vitamin A, which they contain, can cause poor vision when lacked
    so eating a lot of carrots will obviously help get it back.

    that's about all we've got time for guys, I hope this has been educational
    and the topic laid down for whoever goes next is "the rapper that's most inspirational"
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    Hip-hop is art. Don't make a pop hit, be smart. Take it back to the start, like KRS and Rakim use passion and heart.
  8. golden crown said:


    its a dark world,packed bad,suckin sad.
    my eyes fixed on my path's world n sightin blurred
    its obsurd,aint no footprints left on sand
    so i make lone steps n lone breaks,coz lonely i stand
    no hands n shoulders to hold or shadows at night
    dark walks in the day coz eyes sheltered from light
    i aint bright or sick,they call me a lunatic
    coz my strength n might so peaked like drug addic
    TION but too low to break the chains that hold me
    pave the way before me,from pains that haunt me
    draw me close to destiny's pattern,show me
    the bright side that dont know me n cause it to know me..

    nb..spell 'TION'..for easy flow.
    next topic..growing..
  9. tackpic_47's Avatar

    tackpic_47 said:


    Is it hard to elavate
    Is it hard to grow
    can you give me some advice
    are you willing to show
    cause I feel stomped on
    haters stunting my growth
    I guess they kicked my axx out
    like they running the host

    Can I be myself
    or blend with the crowd
    be fake to the game
    bet they feeling me now

    NOPE! Never let them grab my throat
    you thought you cut me off
    but im starting to grow

    NEXT TOPIC: A Rapper's Mindset!
    Rhymes-fade....Only the fans bring them back to life!
  10. golden crown said:


    a rapper's mindset..
    call it a blind state
    when the thunders are rife n clouds unbindin bound gates
    flood gates washin the pathway to our prime fates
    stained brains thinkin heightened crime rates
    pained by stray leaders n the country's heightened dyin rates
    honey n baby stares when he arrives home late
    constantly haunted by his own suckin dyin date..a rapper's mind state... topic..still spinnin..
  11. Zachre's Avatar

    Zachre said:


    They can shut this down but we'll still be spinnin
    No way can they mute our sound, or kill whats within
    Today we can salute our 'town' and keep grinnin
    As a lyrical troop we stand our ground and defend it.

    Inconvenience is all that this is, Misconceived us if they thought we'd quit
    We believe this game is our mistress, Christmas eve and our gift is to spit.
    We leave this train but with this, we witness the eve of some great ****.
    It may be against our wishes, but if this is how it'll be, **** them *****es.