WesT G BwoY Ripin people on Facebook

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  1. WesT G BwoY Y.M.C.M.B said:

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    check this out lmao
  2. WesT G BwoY Y.M.C.M.B said:


    Saleh Butt K u dunnow the ghetto,
    L double E D S england!
    Im a teen,
    Been seen strait visor screen,
    Nd im a fan michael jakson,
    ... Neva eva learnt to see numbrs in action,
    I wanna multiply,
    And define the meanin of YOU,
    Ugly stupid and dumb,
    All u cn doo is sit home drink rumSee More
    16 minutes ago LikeUnlike.West G Bwoy the only reason your in the ghetto,is cuz you were a mistake right from the get go,im seein all my numberz in action,go ahead and multiply with your cuzens, cuz yall couldnt even do a line of coke off a hot oven, naw bruh i dont drink rum,t...hats for people like you that like it up the bum, i rather drink hennicy and give your girl esticy, bruh dont mess with me you dont wanna see my bad side see, you didnt have to tell me you liked michael jakson i already knew he was your passion i can tell by your sence of passion, nice shirt what does that say?? STOP; dont brag i dont wanna hear how michael jakson made you a fag, im happy hes dead your not cuz havin his **** up your *** is somthing u never forgot, did you ever get caught with his **** in your ***, or is that just another gay episode from your past, yo kid go die in the corner ill wait 2 hours than call the corener!!!!!