Lyrics right here.

It's eye-are-one, just gonna get some bars in./
Got this **** flowin' even though i'm just startin'./
Takin' control like it's Manifest Destiny./
These other fools trippin' cause they can't stand next to me./
If you're an emcee against me you better rest in peace./
Make my enemies into memories so you remember me./
I'm not a generic rapper, and I don't intend to be./
Because I can rhyme to define my own identity./ 8

See I keep it real kind of like a non-fiction book.
Not a contradicting crook, honestly on a mission look,
A lot of rappers aren't hungry, they're JUST full of themselves
Rap of swag and cash is all they got, but nothing else.
My subject matter grabs attention like a ****in' hazard.
Honing my skills is the only thing that i'm comin' after.
I plan to master this faster than any rapper did
cause like an activist I speed reactions like a catalyst./16

So I'll just keep dropping lines like bad phone service./
And construct rhymes all the time for my own purpose./
With flow fluid, I go do this, i'm my own influence./
Soul's suited with the shrewdest, no one else congruent,/
Leave it to me to incorporate some mathematics,/
cause I always find my minds a rap apparatus./
So while the rest be clowns like Ronald,/
I'll put the MC down in McDonalds./ 24

^ if you want to hear it.