when you drop into this ocean you can be fooled fam
cuz the splash is always louder to those who hear it first hand
like damn, I seen n!ggas turn eyes blind to this verse game
as they lose sight of the prize they chased in the first place
the sh!t U-sain, bolts sprayed out fast as sprinters run
but when you slidin down rainbows beware of the splinters son
think you won, but n!gga maybe you thought wrong
freeze in the headlights, then melt like you thawed wrong
talk guns, but you ain't never pulled no triggers
never took that moment to consider bigger pictures
never had to sit down and listen to your little sister
tellin you she's done now, she's tired of hittin fickle n!ggas
never had your dad playin russian roulette in the basement
cuz he figures God can tell him where all his yester-days went
never helped your mama recover from bein a dope fiend
and have-your-grandad-name-you "n!gga-fixer" at the tender age of eighteen
never seen what I seen, or ever been where I been
so forgive me if my rap's wack - I'm just tryin'a chase my last dream.