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    14 lines/7 bars per post. 4 posts each taking it in turns. edits can be made to your post within 24 hours of droppin it. after all 8 posts are up votes can be cast by other members. here's my first drop. if you accept, drop a verse. if you don't, leave it and I'll close the thread after 1 week.

    you gotta cough'fees to stop cees like me from rockin you
    sh!t be like a Tassimo the way I'ma make-a mocha U
    if 'S'-be-you, then ur bent, whereas 'I' be runnin straight
    girls be grillin my 'cheese' while Cheese-B grillin ur face
    shut your lights out with'ease'clips like I'm moonin you
    no bags needed for tea's'trips cuz S-be 'Spoon'in dudes
    ur'ine for no Sir'prizes unless knighted by golden swords
    Pee'nile rivers while skinny dip'in some cees abroad
    Thaw this raw ham'mer like meetin Gods of thunder
    and AIM for S-end like instant mess'age asunder
    can't handle the beef cuz Uni-quorn a single vegetarian
    shatter his dreams more than parents of a still-born Egalitarian
    conquer this b!tch, harder when drop'd, glass full - see Ven'eager...
    but not to please, sh!!!t the win to thee? like ur alias - fantasy creature.
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