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  1. WesT G BwoY Y.M.C.M.B said:


    Look at this kid ****** named bowski,
    whats that another form of hepititis c,
    people call me the rappin phantom,
    cuz make ya die and drop at random,
    your only spittin 1 n 2 syllibles,
    your **** aint even visual,make it bigger so its printable,
    ill cut you up an do the unthinkable,
    **** ya lil sista cuz he *** is irresistable,
    she under age but my charge was still minimal,
    im a unsinkable individual my style only original,
    im a bilingual war criminal,your **** fake like fictional,
    ever since i was a kidd i was know as the rapping wizz,
    been everywhere on this grid i won the rappin bidz,
    somthing you never did was wordplay with kidd quiz,
    yo faker than a number with no caller id,
    ya ****** yo ma last week and caught hiv,
    you cant defeat me, im west ******* g,
    the only mc of the street not smokin trees,
    ill make ur lil sis wetter than the carribian sea,
    yo jus a blood clat chi chi man punk *** wanna be,
    take yo first chance now run hide and flee,
    cause if i catch ya you aint ever gettin free,
    i got this **** planned right to a mutta******* "t" ,
    common you and me, ill slice ya make ya ******* bleed,
    smash out ya jaw till ya lose all ya teeth,
    jack up ya house and throw ya body underneath,
    choke ya so hard till ya cant ******* breath,
    make ya drop to ya ******* knees with greif,
    ya probily stole ya rhymes off lil keiths sleeve,
    chop ya up wit my cutlass till ya turn to ground beef,
    even the big g cheif looks at ya with disbelief,
    how would ya like to go for a ride in my trunk,
    everytime i hit a bump yo *** goes ******* clunk,
    when i got to the river somthing really ******* stunk,
    ohh its yo ma rottin and covered in tin mans spunk,
    last week she also went for a lil ride in my trunk,
    **** i thought she was bigger she must have ******* shrunk,
    now both ya goin in the river for a lil dunk,
    lil punk ill chop ya in lil chunks like live skunks,
    had to tie a bus to ya both just so ya ******* sunk,
    now ya both sittin at the bottom of the river,
    i gotta package to deliver to yo lil sister,
    poppin her cherry was like popin a blister,
    my **** was so big it poped out her liver,
    she died and i didnt even get my first chance to kiss her,
    go through my contacts and ******* unlist her,
    naw i dont miss her in my next rhyme ill diss her,
    cut her up and blame it on a mutta******* twister,
    ya just got lyricly ****** by the rhymin wizzard,
    coverd ya in spit like a wetstorm blizzard,
    like when ya licked ya ma **** like a thirsty slurpy lizzard,
    you didnt ******* care ya still delivered you like em well withered,
    next test dont mess with the best cuz ill make sure there nuttin left,
    leave ya in a mess slug in ya chest at you crews request......
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  2. quickill said:


    Forgive them father, for they know not what they do...
    Alright... Look...

    Haters 'gon talk, nothin to it
    Line of fire but I ran through it
    No pursuant just persistence
    All free will, no three wishes
    No friendships, no handshakes
    All I gave up, all that it takes
    Sometimes wonder if it's worth it
    All this **** that I been through it's
    Almost too much, little too late
    Man can't believe all the **** I take
    All the ****in' hate
    But now it's too late
    I broke through these bars, damn earthquake
    As I write these bars, poetry like Blake
    Now all my haters look to me for help
    Damn, watcha want guidance? **** yourselves!
    ***** all the **** that you get is violence
    As you fall down and I rise 'gainst
    Pitiful you're despicable just to see how hard you fell, I pity fool
    It's typical, not cynical
    Just I see the world in true colors
    So welcome the love, **** all others
    To my fam and all my brothers
    I do this for you, I do this for them
    For all who almost sank but swam
    Who were put on trial, near suicidal
    But from the boots up didn't give up
    Pulled _themselves_ up, yeah

    No advantages or upper handedness
    Just a passion can't understand it
    Yet it drives me deep inside me
    To never give up no matter how hard they try me
    Fry me? Please, too hot to get burned
    Lesson learned, sermon served
    You're preachin to the choir
    So when you're on fire
    And I transpire
    And every plan that I desired
    I'mma watch you burn *****.. HaHa..


    Alright, last bars..
    I'mma go hard on this one.. this is dedicated to everyone who looks surprised to see me doin' so damn well
    Why you lookin' so surprised mother****er...
    **** it, I'm goin in..

    Seventeen when I left home alone in a state all on my own
    Cruisin for the baddest damn ***** to bone
    Found one plus her sister, still weren't enough, though sometimes I missed her
    Set out for higher pursuits, my number one plan was to get the loot
    I was stackin Bennies, pilin high, but I was burnin' through em, unsatisfied
    So my next plan of action, higher education
    Surrounded by smart *****es who gave grain amazin
    But I had to stay focused, no hocus pocus, this crowd is locust
    But I'm separate from them, plus I'm nothin to them
    Fake friends and fake ends so I stuck to the plan
    This whole college thing, nothin but a scheme, to take my tuition tried to sell me a dream
    So I took a step back, but I had to push through
    This knowledge seems empty, seems nothin to you
    But I set my sights higher, as plans would transpire, see I was on fire
    Call me boy genius, award after award, but boy it don't mean ****
    Till I got that higher callin, professional school and plus it's ballin
    Travelin round the country, interview all 'em
    Till my pick of the litter, so much to consider
    Hate to sound cocky, but ya'll made me bitter, **** it go figure
    Gotta re-focus, gotta stay humble, got the same drive inside that kept me alive
    Back in '05 is the same drive that I know will keep me up high
    So I'm travelin to the coastal city this summer
    Legacy so far from over, nah it's just gettin started
    So ***** please take notes cuz this flow is retarted

    Haha... forgive me man, I don't mean to sound arrogant..
    Ch-yeah... By the way West G, you killed that Bowski guy, blowski, bokki, whatever..
    I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack
  3. Bowski said:


    Hart dude, ******* listen
    you all bout dissin,
    but it leave you wishin,
    to be,
    like me,
    you all bout the old ****,
    I'm all bout the new ****,
    You think your lines are the best,
    to be honest, they the worst,
    think I give 2 ****,
    you can't do ****,
    The best lines come from deep thought,
    they can't be bought,
    When I got it all, talkin everything,
    you won't be anything,
    to me, you nothing,
    can't even find you on Bing,
    I give my ***** a diamond ring,
    you give yours ****** things,
    You know you just jealous,
    of me, envious,
    ya rhymes have no message,
    so they really have no effect,
    mine they balanced perfect,
    all you have to do is defect,
    I'll show you how it's done the right way,
    you know that I ball everyday,
    and right now you just gay,
    plus I get about 100x ya pay,
    You think you the baddest mutha******,
    but you ain't nothin but a washed up mutha******,
    It's time for a face to the game,
    a new name,
    Bowski, it's got a certain swag to it,
    without your old ****,
    It's a new direction,
    but it's not about perfection,
    we destined to battle it out,
    But you might as well shut ya mouth,
    Cuz I don't give a **** what you talk about,
    see my middle finger, **** ya'll,
    the biggest baller,
    stacks as big as me,
    if only you could see,
    what you up against,
    so persistant,
    and how the odds are stacked,
    it be like you never rapped,
    when I'm done wit you,
    you won't to do,
    B.O.W.S.K.I.... the new king of the world,
    startin wit ya girl,
    I'll take it all,
    as you begin to fall,
    Big Pimpin like Jay-Z,
    might be a little crazy,
    but be sure that I'm ready to spit,
    cuz I'm tired of ya same old ****.....
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  4. Josh Campbell said:

    Default yo **** you west g bowy

    Quote Originally Posted by WesT G BwoY Y.M.C.M.B View Post
    the new ones i just posted are on my facebook this kid was pullin a fast one on us all
    so i wrote it up real quick ...hope ya like
    I wrote all that **** my name is josh Campbell I go by whiteplague I'm a battle rapper from Toronto and he stole 50% of these rhymes from me that story with Arthur was real beef I had like 5 years ago **** this punk report him he blocked me from fb he's dead on the streets
  5. Dwayne D Galbiati's Avatar

    Dwayne D Galbiati said:


    nice drop really liked it....