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  1. Erfudge said:

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    I have looked everywhere for this song. The song begins with a male singer playing a guitar. There is very little choir back-up. I only know a few of the lyrics and they are not in order. Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

    Word of God
    Touch my ___ so I might hear You
    Word of God
    Touch my heart and I'll obey

    Everyday, Spirit move
    Reveal to me timeless truth

    Be a lamp unto my feet
    A light unto my path
    Word of God

    Every ancient page holds every _____ promise
  2. Christianic said:


    search for Casting Crown's Voice of Truth.
  3. IAL1985 said:


    Could it be a medley? Thy Word contains the lines "Be a lamp unto my feet
    A light unto my path" (as you possibly have found yourself).