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    Default List of my 50 Translated Arabic Rap/Hip Hop songs and subtitled videos - more coming!

    I thought that you guys would appreciate an update on all the songs I've been translating and turning into subtitled videos (both Arabic and English!), so here's an updated list. I keep them all at http://revolutionaryarabrap.blogspot...ed-videos.html and I put my articles about Arabic hip hop at If the mods want to add these into the sticky list of songs, that would be great. Thanks again for your support, everyone. I'll be putting more up soon, especially with help from two great resources I recently found, and

    Index of Subtitled Videos
    Soultana - The Voice of Women
    L7a9ed (Haked) ft. Jihane - No More Silence
    Assad Edin ft. Mauro - Révolution?

    Lotfi Double Kanon - 7oukouma
    Lotfi Double Kanon - Ga3da Fel Bléd (remix)
    Lotfi Double Kanon - cha3b krah

    El Général and Mr. Shooma - Tahya Tunis
    El Général - Rais lebled
    Lak3y - Tunisia is Free
    Mr Mustapha - Unlicensed Immigration
    Amel Mathlouthi - My Word is Free (ASL&T)

    Dania Ben Sassi - Amazigh Revolution Song
    MC Swat - Freedom of Expression
    MC Swat and Ibn Thabit - No Doubt
    Ibn Thabit and MC Swat - Win or Die
    Ibn Thabit ft. Junior - Libya Love Song
    Ibn Thabit ft. Junior - Martyrs
    Ibn Thabit ft. Junior - Western Mtns
    Ibn Thabit ft. Salah Ghaly- Mabruk al Horria
    Ibn Thabit - Calling the Libyan Youth
    Ibn Thabit - Ms. Revolution
    Ibn Thabit - Lookin for Freedom
    Ibn Thabit - Misrata
    Ibn Thabit - Shukrun
    Ibn Thabit - Libyan Warrior Song
    Ibn Thabit - Hallucination Pills
    Ibn Thabit - The Question
    Ibn Thabit - Tripoli Calling
    Ibn Thabit - Benghazi
    Ibn Thabit - Libya Is
    Ibn Thabit - Shayateen al Inss
    Ibn Thabit - Benghazi II

    Arabian Knightz, Shadia Mansour - Prisoner
    Arabian Knightz - Fokkak
    Ramy Donjewan - Against the Government
    Ramy Donjewan - Message to Tantawi
    Revolution Records - Wa2t El Thawrageya
    Revolution Records - Down w/ Military Rule
    Revolution Records - Change is Forbidden
    Ahmed Mekky - 25 January
    Mody Rap محمد أسامة - There's No Going Back

    Shadia Mansour ft. M-1 - The Kufiya is Arab
    Ramallah Underground - From the Cave
    Sabreena Da Witch - Where No One's There
    DAM - Stranger in My Country (ASL&T)
    DAM - I Have No Freedom (ASL&T)
    DAM - Who's a Terrorist? (ASL&T)
    DAM - Born Here (ASL&T)

    Malikah - ya imra2a ("Woman")
    Rayess Bek - I'm Speaking in Silence
    Rayess Bek - Herbes Folles
    El Rass - The Volcano of Beirut

    Anonymous - Communiqué #1
    Anonymous - Communiqué #2

    Emad Ghavidel - The Battle For Homs

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    wow dude ! are you serious ? ^^ you're missing alot of important rappers on the morocco, algeria and tunisia categories.. plz PM me to learn more information salam !
    Assa Azeka Aqli-iyi thaqvaylith deg ul-iw- dice la mexicana-americana mas kabyliana del mundooo jajaja

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    My Moroccan and Algerian Darija isn't that good, so I usually can't translate those songs without help or corrections. That's why I don't have many songs from there (although I know quite a bit about the hip hop scenes there). As for Tunisia, I've done a lot of work on that http://revolutionaryarabrap.blogspot...-tunisian.html (check the end of the article for 20 or 30 Tunisian rappers whose I'm exploring). But I totally welcome any help or suggestions, whether its music suggestions, links to translations or Arabic lyrics, or, of course, helping me transcribe Arabic lyrics or translate lyrics into English.

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