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    the title said come and get slaughtered,, im sorry but you wont be round for that
    speaking of slaughter id like to welcome you to the house for that
    you dont need beef or trumoo to vouch for that
    from now on ,your not allowed to rap
    every word out your mouth is trash
    even girls know your amount is that
    hold your tongue bro or your mouth get smakced
    are you proud of that,, i knock you out cold and leave you naked in a room fulla rowdy fags
    nothing but bruises and santorum all around his ***
    im a cloud of gas, from a canister thrown down a shaft
    in your throat how you gasp, you got no air to breath, and you dont have a mask
    ill leave you broke down as that, or he gets chocked out an stabed
    in a few hours im dropping song with your own style,,,,thats gasss

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    Quote Originally Posted by iamskipp View Post
    Hahahaha, nahh but forreal this just a quick 16, u don't gotta battle if u don't want to; I jus wanna see some talent lol
    talent hell shoulda told me earlier
    dakinng is here dont need no one further
    yeah its quick
    might hurt her
    but what a player to do
    ium just tryna stay true
    not to be rude
    but im slick like oil crude
    i like to broil
    look at me vapin with a coil
    i am the bill
    the real dill
    stand still
    and listen to my verse
    because everything you can say ive done first
    I am Dakinng

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    Dakinng homie your straight ***
    Naw i mean the **** hole
    With your dookie spit though
    I can smell the poopy stench when this stupid prick flow
    This that super piff smoke
    Tell me if you know another dude thats this blown
    Shixt aint new i been on
    Mr merk your style super versatile with this work by pound
    Like are you worth my sound
    Hollerin turn it down when my verse come out
    Its jun i bet the people finna love this
    You fictitious little dumb trick
    Heres your fix now hit the bricks get out there suck ****
    You shoulda been got to work ***
    You acting like a thug danceing chick to a ****ing twerk song
    I serve bars to everyone and anyone can get it...this that shixt
    Before you start dropping battel bars bruh you need some fuxcking practice
    Im bad shixts with madlibs that dope flow like the stuff they serving crackheads
    Bust that burner mac 10 bout action i blast and dude do backbends
    No past tense shixt just happened
    This that shixt

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