need help finding this song

Thread: need help finding this song

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  1. ve0h said:

    Unhappy need help finding this song

    ive been looking for this song for a couple months now, i only have a small clip of it because its from a video on youtube but nobody will tell me what its called :/

    listen to it here

    i dont know the exact lyrics
    sounds like pop genre

    some help would be greatly appreciated
  2. antrax said:


    hey man try with gracenote of winamp or tunatic or this or this one and this or look at this site you have a friend with sony ericsson this phone has an aplication with name track id and this aplication can help you.hope you find it.go to work
  3. f_oliver2003 said:


    The original video doesn't give any clue?
  4. antrax said:


    and where is the link to this video?