how do you delete it?

Thread: how do you delete it?

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  1. jerard_malina said:

    Post how do you delete it?

    Ok so if you dont want it anymore how do you delete it?
  2. jeez said:


    Please send a request to one of forum admins if you'd like to delete your account.
  3. Doug Denslowe's Avatar

    Doug Denslowe said:


    How do delete a single post?I had to post a song in two parts (don't ask me why,I later got on one page)and would like to delete the second part.Title:Wild West Jess Part Two.Thanks (DO NOT DELETE WILD WEST JESS,just the one that's titled PART TWO)
  4. Amethystos's Avatar

    Amethystos said:


    Hi Doug, could you provide me the link of the post you wanna be deleted?
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