this is a sober concoction. ENJOY AND RATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before you die,
I made a vow.
To find out each and every thing about you'!
Ya' did quite good
but had bad luck
I saw through all the **** you covered up!
now you know
that sin is sin
and all must be paid for, not left within!

Your body wants to move
you have nothing to loose
I will will make you cry
before you die!!!!

the time has come
for you to pay
but fear is here and you run away
I give chase
like a demon hound
I bear you down straight to the ground
it's over now
you have lost
my victory stings you deep like the frost

your body wants to move
you've everything to loose
look me in the eyes
before you die!!!!!

Before you DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X2

now you fade
into the void
you all fell for my devious ploy
I remain
a giant of men
the one that sears in pouring rain
you've all had your chance
you all ****ed up
now Iím here to say good-BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now I've buried the one
you all still must come
life you all will despise
before you die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before you DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X5