I've had enough
I don't want you
it's over now though you cant see
you love me I despise you with a passion
a burning hate that eats at me
you say I'm the villain
you're the *****
Iíve never hated like I hate you before

So, NO!
There's nothing left for YOU!
Living in a HOLE!
The one thing I want
the one thing I need
I want you to Bleed!
Bleed for me

you still want me
shed tears of shame
what's done is done it's history
but I move on, your time it passed
our love, fruit from the Eden's tree
they call me the freak
you're the cheat
I hope you die lying at my feet

So, NO!
nothing left for YOU!
Living in a HOLE!
the one thing I pray
the one thing I crave
it's what I need,
I want you to bleed.
Bleed for me

just BLEED!
Oh, Bleed for Me!
Come on now, Bleed for Me!
Bleed for Me, Bleed for me, BLEED FOR ME!