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  1. Bowski said:

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    All right, let's go,
    wish you could know,
    how I got where I am,
    as powerful as a dodge ram,
    Envious of me and what I got,
    of everything I won and bought,
    My kicks and clothes are flyer,
    than anything you pull out ya dryer,
    I take from you any and every thing,
    Girls to bling,
    I'll always have them,
    You would if you was my kin,
    oh wait you not,
    and ya *** ain't hot,
    so back the **** off,
    ya **** is enough,
    to deal wit at all, let alone,
    to deal wit all alone,
    Baby I'm a boss,
    They call me the new Rick Ross,
    'cept, I ain't fat and black,
    although he's probaly on my track,
    Speakin' of the track, this one is new,
    who knew,
    that i'd ever make it this far,
    **** I don't even got a car,
    I'll make a bet,
    my first million,
    won't be my last million,
    I'll just keep makin more,
    see what's in store,
    for you,
    what you too,
    well no blame there,
    i just really don't care.........
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  2. Max Bass said:


    Another egotrip, but it sounds nice ! i understand what you are trying to say, but write something about you by the way you see things and feel them, instead of wasting your talent with weak lyrics !

    Keep it up !