i need another verse can you guys help

Girl you on my mind cause Iím always dreaming
I think about our love cause thatís what I believe in
Your eyes so nice better than the stars
You blew me out this world I had to chill on mars
Im out this world in the universe of love
So beautiful like a angel from above
Yeah you lit my heart up like I hit the sun
You won the race to my heart now your #1
My heart beats like music and you get the tune
They say our love is silly like a bunch of lunney tunes
Our love is so unique like a fairy tale on a rate of 1-10
Girl you break the scale

Girl you got me in the stars
I really donít where we are
But I donít care
Cause ill know youíll be wit me
And ill be there when you want me to be
Universe universe of love 3x