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  1. minilaga said:

    Default Please help me hvala

    hello I want a tattoo for my grandpa he came out yugoslavia if I should call the country by his name now it is slovenia
    I'm sorry for my english
    my grandpa died this year and I want a tattoo in memory of him
    I want forever together in slovene
    can somebody please write the good translation for me because I don't know the language :$
    thankyou verry much
  2. minilaga said:


    Hello ooh everywhere I look there stays something diffrent so I don't know the right one =(

    Skupaj za vedno, za vekomaj
    Together forever, for eternity,

    Forever together
    večno vkup

    voor altijd samen
    za vedno vkup

    I want that tattoo on my leftside under my bra strap
  3. minilaga said:


    what sweet that you asked that for me
    and thankyou for your condolence when I have my tattoo i try to post a picture
    Skupaj za vekomaj I write it on my paper for tomorrow so it really means forever together I'm glad you helped me
    thank you verry much